Empowering living Presents...
When Nothing Seems To Be Working...

 Would You Real Want To...?
Are you a Mum... 
Are you Tired... Exhausted...
Frustrated... Anxious... NOT Eating... Have a Headache...
 neck, back or hip pain...
your NOT happy...

I have Good News for you! 
It does not have to be like that...

Are You Ready To Find You
 and a place to belong...

The Mum Culture is doing it alone, without support AND Suffering...
 How's that going??
Your One Thought Away...
It ONLY TAKES ONE person For everything to change...

for the better...
Are you a Mum, 
Are you Tired, Exhausted
Anxious and Worried...
Then Your In The Right Place Mum
 You Have a Dream... Need some tweaking... To Get it... I know I Did!!
I wanted loving & supportive hubby, happy children and loving family... no yelling, calm life, great job, the house, the car, I thought I could do it better than my parents did... 

I did not realise, now looking back, how much I suffered because I just did not know... 
There was support I could have asked for, there was parents, siblings and grandparents, others, now looking back, at myself, I could have been so much better, kinder to myself and every bit the mum I wanted to be... 

...instead I was exhausted all the time... not eating because I did not have time... ...being pulled in every direction, the children waking up at night... struggling day in and day out... not even realising what was happening with the kids!
That pattern was there and it was the same... 

 The Mum Culture of TODAY is doing it alone, google Facebooks and friends they've got the answers, sorry no they don't, they think they do but your all struggling with the same issues!
You learn more, better common sense information from someone that is already years in advance, career actively everyday supporting and working with stressed Mums and seeing them become Empowered confident Mums with purpose, not putting up with what your putting up with, they found it hard to say it out loud the first time, then everything changed.

Good News... 
It does not have to be like that...anymore... 
Let me introduce You To Empowering YOU FIRST
Exclusive Proven System & Solution 
You Seen My Blog, Podcast, You Tube, and Social Media
NOW... you want take the next step...
Empowering Living Magazine
 Empowering Living Magazine Collection
Your Free Gift 3 Beautiful Issues
 You Have a Dream... Time To Have Your Dream!!
To Be Empowering Mum (Woman) 
Get Your Frustration & Upsets SORTED 
No more guilt trips, 
Not being good enough,
  You can't get it right,
 then your in the right place...

Lets Do This A Better Way
...Make time to sit & eat & Stop being exhausted    (Show you how)
...Get your Man (Dad) off the iphone and playing with the kids
Be The Man Standing Beside You... NOT the bad tempered third child...
Are some areas we cover  PLUS much more...
I had to grow in myself and I had to stop fighting with myself.
 To become a Mum on a mission to shift stuff out to get my freedom.

You are strong, in control YET you are tired, upset, overwhelmed, you get sick, anxiety, worried, stressed, angry and more... and you don't need support with the most important career in your life

This is A Down To Earth Foundation Program for Mums
Now my Mission is to show you and support you
NO MORE Chaos and spreading yourself out to thin to exhaustion and beyond.

My work is dedicated to Mums having a good time with their Family

Backed by 25 years in Natural Therapies & Wellness practice, Husband 41 years
Mum of 4 children & 8 Grandchildren (newest is 3 month old 2/4/19)
and supporting FAMILIES Mums that said, "No More"
Now they live for enjoying family and life.
  The awareness now of being Happy, Relaxed and Well Mum is everything!
Kindle Book
Empowering Your Family Kindle Book
PDF, Physical Book + Mastermind Program
Empowering you Mum
Empowering your Family
Empowering Living Magazine
 Empowering Living Magazine Collection
Your Free Gift 3 Beautiful Issues
 Hey I'm Helen Brougham, I live in Adelaide and as Natural Therapies and Coach Practitioner for Mum's and their family for 25 years, a brick and mortar business on a main street. We Care and Empower Mum's

We are on Google, ChelseaMassage.com.au Adelaide. Read our Success Stories, from Real Mums (women) In Our Clinic and  Online Coaching Community...
In Start With Get your Copy for $4.97 of Empowering You & Your Family"
This Is What Other Mum's Of All Agers Are Saying...
Vicki J
       -Vicki J
 You Have a Dream... Time To Have Your Dream!!
YES! I Want To Be Empowering Yourself & Using Conscious Parenting
Empowering Living Magazine
 Empowering Living Magazine Collection
Your Free Gift 3 Beautiful Issues
  • Empowering yourself to TAKE charge of your own childhood story and where you get triggered 
  • Understanding Your Health & Wellness is YOUR Wealth
  • ​Know the MYTHS BELIEF & TRUTH  about being A Happy Mum, they don't want you to know
  • Be CONFIDENT in You and the Power and freedom in you, to Take on anything important to you. 
  • It Takes TWO Parents - together or not! It is called TEAM
  • It Takes FAMILY On Both Sides To RAISE Confident, Well rounded, Balance and Loving Human Beings!
  • Become Part Of The Greater Family of Inspiring Mums, Making Huge Different to themselves, Family, To World Peace On The Planet!
Hurry, This Special Offer Won't Last Long!
"Empowering You First Mum" Has  ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Lives of Many Mum's and their Spouses, Around the World!
Will you be Next...
 Your One Thought Away...
Living Your Fairy tale, Your way - Happy FAMILY environment
Peace, Harmony, Loving,
Open, Connection and in Communication
Empowering Yourself FIRST MUM, Spouse Standing by your side
 your children excel where it matters...from a whole different direction!

Many clients we work together... everything change

 I see the way a Mum walks when she confidant, its amazing, the way they walk freely, the way they talk to their children,  and dealing with issues that had once had them shutdown, feel guilt and give into their children pressure, be in overwhelm and anxious. Now no longer feel fearful, they have stopped being sick and going back to bed pulling up the covers and stopped accusing, blaming and abusing themselves.

Her business has taken off with lovely clients...her children and spouse are on the same page now. If you want even half of what is possible, I seen it many times, I done it myself many years ago and continue to excel in what I do,

Some of the ladies I consulted and coached over the last few years, did the foundation masterclass program and wanted exclusive 1:1 Mastery now earn seven zero incomes, The Mastery program is tailored to you.
The Foundation MASTER CLASS get started today...

                                           "Your One Thought Away"
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